And Who’s Gonna Pay For It?


In the unlikely event that they manage to scale the sheer rock face, we’ve provided an added deterrent in the form of an electric fence. At this point even the most ardent aristocrat will thing twice about their dreams of a ‘Mexican Utopia,’ turn tail and rejoin their outlaw band of hedge fund managers and rapists.
It may seem a little Draconian, but think of the children, think of your watered down tequilas, your drooping moustaches (and even droopier sombreros). It’s a vision too terrible to contemplate. Mi nombre es Don Trumpino and I approve this message…


97 Words.

Written for: Friday Fictioneers


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9 responses to “And Who’s Gonna Pay For It?

  1. Such cynicism.
    Love it.

  2. And sadly, the madness continues. Nice one Martin

  3. Wouldn’t that be an about-turn?

  4. Abhijit Ray

    Is the effort to stop Mexicans from coming in or Americans to get out?

  5. so Trump was right, in the end the Mexican would pay

  6. gahlearner

    Turning things upside down often reveals the true madness. Great take.

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