Corderro is a city on the brink of collapse. Since its violent inception at the hands of Spanish conquistadors countless generations have borne witness to a cyclical repetition of bloodshed and misfortune. Many of its inhabitants believe the city to be cursed, and refer to it simply as ‘The Melting Pot’ – a churning cauldron into which all are eventually consumed.

In present day its streets are in the grip of civil war. Crime is rife, government sponsored abductions are commonplace and revolutionary fervour has been awakened.

Against this backdrop a cast of smugglers and Samaritans, dictators and politicians, collude with and conspire against one another, each acutely aware that, in The Melting Pot, events always come back to haunt you.


2. ‘FROTH’

Froth .n – (frôth) ‘The moment of confusion before a clarity that arrives too late.’

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