The Burp…


It was an ingeniously simple design for which the Intergalactic Utilities Company held a universal patent. From planet to planet their lightweight water-proof canopy, known colloquially as The Burp, provided a plethora of life saving functions.

On Smorg, a world blighted by adverse gravity The Burp served as essential ballast in preventing its occupants from floating away.

On the perpetually damp world of Frond, The Burp protected its highly absorbent inhabitants from swelling up and exploding.

But by far an away its most lorded use was on the notorious bland planet of Beige where colourful Burps played an integral part in spicing up their mating rituals.


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

21 responses to “The Burp…

  1. michael1148humphris

    I really enjoyed this

  2. Ha. The names remind me of Rick and Morty. Good one.

  3. I love that take on the prompt! Yes, I confess – my mating rituals mostly took place in restaurants too!

  4. Love it………… Planet Beige!

  5. At last, someone’s fighting the beige. Will grey be next please? This is a very imaginative take.

  6. I knew that there would be a place like Beige for those colorful Burps

  7. Who would have thought that this prompt can be interpreted in this way? Ingenious! Enjoyed it.

  8. Nice different take on the prompt. I could use a burp or two.

  9. A creative take on the prompt. I like Planet Beige! =)

  10. Very entertaining. I somehow feel Beige is another name for Earth. What a multifunctional contraption is this Burp, an innovation of the highest caliber. And its finest quality is that it never takes itself too seriously. 😊

  11. Ha! Ha! That’s a fun take on the prompt.

  12. Abhijit Ray

    So many uses of Burp. A truly futuristic idea.

  13. Jelli

    Love it… but it will never replace my trusty towel. hehe! 🙂 ❤

  14. Excellent, the mind boggles 💜

  15. I always wondered what was going beneath that umbrella on the beach. I enjoyed this.

  16. Funny! I love the problems in Frond, made me chuckle!

  17. I think I could put a Burp to good use. Very creative take on the prompt.

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