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Back in the game…

I started this blog to document my various exploits in attempting to market a self-published novel. A little over six months ago I gave up – finding the effort, however amusing, just too time-consuming and ultimately fruitless to justify the endeavour. I didn’t ensnare the attentions of a literary agent, and the reviews, whilst generally great, did not result in widespread appeal.

And so I set about breaking my ribs in Italy, climbing Kilimanjaro, throwing myself into work and generally forgetting about this silly writing business…

…But then, last week, the project I was running finished, my mind cleared and I had the idea for another book. I realised that writing is a private act of creation (a stupid revelation really considering how obvious) and that getting a break is more luck than judgement.

I also realised that charting a journey of this type is as much about the troughs as it is the peaks…

…So, back to it



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