Pyramid Scheme…


Rameses had promised his favourite concubines that he wouldn’t bury them alive upon his demise, but apparently that had been a catacomb-sized lie.

‘Well that’s just great,’ wailed Hehet over his mummified corpse. ‘What now?’

Ngozi began to angrily carve at the stone walls. ‘Now we make shit up and screw with future historians.’


Written for: Twittering Tales




Filed under Flash fiction

7 responses to “Pyramid Scheme…

  1. I like that idea. It makes perfect sense apart from the chicken crossing the desert bit!

  2. I absolutely love this Martin 💜💜

  3. Haha! I really love this. Just goes to show you, we should never take ourselves or the past too seriously! 😀

  4. Hélène Vaillant

    Oh geez, this is funny. Well done.

  5. Ha ha ha, I can very well believe this 🙂

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