You’re always one decision away from an entirely different life…



I know I’m supposed to communicate via a lawyer, but I was ringing to say that you can keep the house…

No, it’s not a trick – take it, but there’ll be no more alimony payments…

You’ve already got all our savings…

No, I quit yesterday…

because I was only doing it to fund your lavish lifestyle…

So, have me declared bankrupt…

What do you want me to say – There’s no more money!

Here’s an idea – How bout you get a job?

They’re clearly not my kids and they both hate me…

OK, well good luck with that. I’m gonna throw this phone in the sea and go fishing…


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

19 responses to “You’re always one decision away from an entirely different life…

  1. Mid-life crisis or what?

  2. No communication any more if the phone is dropped to the sea 🙂
    Next step perhaps is to call the court & the attorney!

  3. She’s clearly angling for more!

  4. Excellent I am with you, she’s clearly taking the Michael!

  5. A nice clean break – it’s tempting!!

  6. Long time no see! Good one to come back with.
    She got it all and he got his freedom. Sounds about right.

  7. He’d better be an a VERY isolated island. She sounds like a woman who will search to the ends of the earth for vengeance. Good write.

  8. Great story – had me grinning! I know it’s naughty, but isn’t it be fun when an exploitative person gets their come-uppance!

  9. Nice to see you! Loved this story. And the music.

  10. WP is being a pain.  Every time I want to like or comment it sends me to a blank screen with “automatic” at the top.  I think they need a different title.  Great stories as always! Rugby843

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  11. I can’t help but feel for the man.

  12. Abhijit Ray

    Some happy conversation between two happy people.

  13. Love that, a telephone cal; the last telephone call to her or him, enjoy the silence!

  14. Sounds like there’s some history here were not privy to.

  15. Wiping the slate clean is always the best option. Well done.

  16. gahlearner

    Wouldn’t paternity tests come in useful here? There is so much in this, a whole life, the back story quite clear.

  17. Great take. Guess we all wish sometimes we could make such decisions and just throw everything into the sea.

  18. The message couldn’t be clearer . Well written Martin

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