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Friday Fictioneers: Revenge Runs Deep…


It wasn’t enough that, after decades of cruelties and recriminations, he’d finally triumphed over his bitter enemy. The fertilised fruits of loss and shame required that his hatred rage on into victory.

And so, in the winter years of his life, he conceived of an idea that would keep the fires burning beyond any mortal tenure – A whispered rumour in the ear of his one remaining heir…

“…Carve an effigy of my nemesis, brought low in chains, and have it placed in a deep recess. Have children run to it on a dare, striking it with harmless cane so that, slowly and imperceptibly, through loss of both form and name, it no longer resembles a man…”


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


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I placed it here to taunt you…


My, how he hated the emaciated sub-species. It gave him no small amount of pleasure to drive his Daimler slowly along the perimeter fence laughing heartily at their plight.

In moments of particular malice it was his singular delight to have them polish the bodywork.

‘This automobile is like you. A collection of elements brought to heel and bound up in a chamber of fiery combustion into which gas is pumped.’

Defeat came quickly and there was little time for sentimentality. He left his precious vehicle behind and fled into obscurity – abandoning his Reich and his identity.

For many years he retreated ever south, constantly in fear of capture, plummeting at last to a lowly lean-to in the woods…

…outside of which…

…one morning…

…he discovered the husk of his once proud possession.

Despite the revulsion there was something to be admired in their audacity.

‘I can only imagine the logistics involved in such a feat.’

They rose from the undergrowth and spoke as one.

‘This automobile is like you. Burnt out, expended.’


Written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


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I’ve uploaded a short story called ‘The One True Religion’ to www.storywar.com. The site has an interesting concept in that you join a league table controlled by online readers.

I would encourage you to check it out – not necessary to view my work – more to marvel at how corrupt the voting system is. One writer has published a story called ‘this website sucks’ in which they slag off the blatant nepotism. Though finding the whole thing fairly amusing / innocuous, I tend to agree with their sentiment…

…having said that, if you do read my story, make sure you vote at least 30 times.

Joke…I’m gonna see how it does without cheating!!!

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