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400 billion people attend exaggerators anonymous…(#Six Word Stories)


2. Narcissistic 3D Printer elopes with clone

3. They’re attacking. Ready the pedophile cannon!

4. Exploding zit scuppers mammary groping opportunity

5. Fernando Fingernail rebrands as Santa Claus

6. Colonel Sanders lightly battered, then cremated


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Six Words Stories…


2. Shakespeare’s first sonnet not all bard…

3. Reader unable to open escapologist’s memoirs

4. Vindictive flamingos christen their son Floyd

5. Bullied magician’s wand disappears up arse

6. Depressed bible salesman receives good news

7. Sea-monsters’s small-talk met with gargantuan indifference

8. Folk musician’s music hated by parents


(or ‘Adulterous Transformers! Cheating assholes in disguise!’)

10. Online troll’s girlfriend dumps him anonymously

11. Alien’s epic genital grabbing greeting faux-pas

12. A DJ’s quest for musical talent

13. Helen Pselph writes Self Help book

14. Obese astrologist’s ironically unpredicted heart attack

Executives 1 - fighting


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Six Word Stories #3

alien car journey

2. Radioactive flan. Freak accident. FLAN MAN!

3. Selfie-stick laments enabling preaning douche…

4. Cockney bible offends ‘Crusty Buns’ (nuns)

5. Millipede copyrights trainers and becomes gazillionaire


7. Deaf Lepers form terrible tribute band

8. Edward trouser-press hands? No…Edward…

9. R Kelly’s final words: I believe (OR: Turns out R Kelly can’t fly)

10. Time-travelling pickpocket steals own wallet


12. With third helping Jagger finally satisfied

13. Wonderful news Bertie. Satan’s popping over!

14. Red-headed step child. The Prophecy!

15. Suicidal McDonald turns bun on himself…


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Six Word Stories #1

6 Word Story 4

2. Bond battles cadre of illegitimate children…

3. No! Please! Not the laxative helmet…

4. You’re perfect as you are Fatty.

5. Shave it and pretend it’s human.

6 Word Story 3

7. Send help. Genitals strapped to rocket.

8. Kiss me like you weren’t kidnapped.

9. Hideously deformed…but when I dance!

10. Dalek prank calls neighbour. Easily identified.

6 Word Story 1

12. Joke’s on you. I’m a hermaphrodite.

13. Bassoon practice followed by epic wedgie.

14. Gotta find cure for ADHD…DONUTS!

15. Third Reich Bingo. Worst – game – ever!


[The original premise comes from Ernest Hemingway’s famous six-word tale, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”]…


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