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Giving Notice…


It was an open secret that the top twenty floors could be jettisoned in the event of an emergency – a fire or a raid by the IRS. No one believed it of course. The story was merely the legend-spinning of an overly flamboyant landlady. Little did they realise that they were slowly being conditioned and coerced with subtle advertising and targeted marketing – the best rates and exclusive deals – till finally she had all the rotten eggs in one place – the fraudsters and embezzlers, pariahs and parasites, and that’s when the building became a Christmas tree of lights and the rockets burst into life. Whether they liked it or not her tenants were being evicted from Earth…


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


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Gettin’ some fairy tail…


As Cinderella changed from a pauper into a princess, Siraj transformed from a wealthy socialite on the verge of getting laid into a lowly coachman.

‘This is magical,’ sighed Cinderella.

‘Son of a bitch!’ said Siraj.


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Written for: Twittering Tales


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