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After years of churning out gibberish the apes finally typed the complete works of Shakespeare.

The boffins in their lab coats seemed very pleased with themselves.

Many moons later Charlton Heston rode along the beach and encountered a semi-submerged Statue of Liberty…

Bloody boffins!


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Slowly, slowly, catchy, monkey…

GuitarI’m starting to see the faintest signs that The Melting Pot is penetrated beyond my wider friendship group and entering into the realms of ‘strangers.’ Amazon sales are steady (a thoroughly recommended route for anyone considering self publishing), and there have been various orders from Waterstones and libraries – All good stuff.Marketing-wise it has been a barren few weeks. I am currently being encouraged to ‘kidnap someone famous’ by way of drumming up publicity. If anyone famous is reading this and wants to offer their services, please get in touch. Other than that it has been pointed out that most of my ideas to date involve either being naked or else setting fire to things. I can only hope that this doesn’t reveal sinister aspects to my character…

The term ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ comes from the author Jay Conrad Levinson, and refers to publicity that is targeted high-impact, low cost, ingenuity-based i.e. the kind that a person with no publishing house behind them uses! If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly received (and probably executed as long as they’re not life-threatening in any way).

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