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Spot the impending tragedy…

It’s amazing how often the London underground catches fire! Following general gridlock / alarms several thousand people were kicked out of Paddington yesterday morning; thwarting the efforts of the sneaky soul who kindly fly-postered the Bakerloo 12032008001.jpgline the night before.

To date my exploits have brought me into close proximity with such acolytes as The Henry Kelly of Going for gold fame, and Oscar-winning-Turkish-assassin Kevin Spacey.  

12032008002.jpgStaying on the famous people theme a lady in the office says that she knows Nurse #3 from BBC’s ‘Casualty,’ (or ‘Spot the impending tragedy,’ as it’s known in the Cororan house-hold). We’ve conceived an idea based on the exploits of Sid James from the ‘Carry On’ films. He famously used to supplement his meagre actors salary by surreptitiously placing bottles of whisky in shot and collecting advertising royalties. In similar fashion we hope to get the book into view on the set. The current thoughts are along the lines of ‘man and book impaled on spike,’ or ‘traffic warden-book-anus incident.’ 

…Following this through to its natural conclusion I think I’ll try and get The Melting Pot on the set of ER where it can be used to deflect a bullet fired by a lesbian heroin addict before being shredded by an exploding helicopter…

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The BBC adventure…

Henry Kelly – What a hero!

I managed to get an interview with Radio Berkshire’s finest this morning – my first ever. Took a taxi up to their HQ in Caversham – ‘The land that time forget’ – an old country house stuck in the glorious Halcyon days of pimms on the lawn.

Q: What’s the dumbest thing you can do when going to a radio interview to promote your book?

A: Forget to take a copy of the book!

I stopped off on route at a local bookshop and bought a copy (I have 2000 in my house – what an idiot!)

Before I knew it I was introduced to the great man himself – He gave the book a really good plug, but was most unimpressed to find that I’d never been to Belfast (where Cororans come from). Apologising profusely for this gross lapse in judgement I modestly referred to The Melting Pot as ‘fantastic.’ We talked about the process of self-publishing and he was genuinely interested in what I had to say.

A superb experience that has given me alot more confidence.

…Right…back to harrassing bookshops!

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