As an immortal it was necessary to fake one’s own death once in a while. It wouldn’t do to live suspiciously long or be the last man at the party. As such his latest manifestation, Raymond Brinegeld, sleazy lawyer and hopeless gambler, had to go.

He left ample clues as to the cause of his demise – bank statements denoting desperation and a pyramid of addiction. The dog bowl filled with vodka was a nice touch.

Far away in a fortress filled with priceless antiquities dating back to the dawn of time he selected a new identity and strode forth, unblemished once more, into the world.


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

21 responses to “Admin…

  1. Very descriptive. Great job!

  2. ‘Unblemished once more’ just completed it. Wonderful writing!

  3. It must be a very lonely life. Very good interpretation.

  4. A great story. Wonderfully descriptive and very well-crafted. I loved it!

  5. Nice one, although I had a discussion the other day with someone about how hard it would be to create a new identity in the digital age.

  6. gahlearner

    I wonder if he is the last of his kind? He must indeed feel very lonely. Great story.

  7. Cool take on the prompt. As a musician, I imagine you’ve seen your share of coffee tables that look a lot like that. Maybe the lighter jar would not be so full, or most of them wouldn’t work.

  8. What a great take on the prompt! Regeneration obviously isn’t as easy as it seems on Doctor Who!

  9. Martin, what a great take on the prompt! I particularly loved your dog bowl filled with vodka, as long as the dog didn’t get to it.
    Best wishes,

  10. The dog bowl excellent.

  11. Doesn’t everyone have a dog bowl filled with vodka?

  12. Vodka in the dog bowl was a brilliant touch. Very clever story.

  13. An immortal must do what an immortal must!

  14. Is that what that is, a dog bowl? Funny how everyone latches on to a different part of the picture. Now i will be looking all around me, wondering who else is immortal. Nice set up!

  15. Very cool, love that, especially the dog bowl full of vodka, it is, as you say, a nice touch!

  16. Glad u incorporated the dog bowl – and the whole fiction flowed well. It makes sense that they cannot love too long or people would wonder – or maybe humans would pay no mind at all- just keep consuming

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