Punching above my weight…


During DNA trial #17654 Derek found the gene for sexual attraction. Shredding his notes and torching the lab he left with a small vial containing a potent elixir and began his new life as an Adonis.


(198 characters)

Written for: Twittering Tales


Filed under Flash fiction

5 responses to “Punching above my weight…

  1. I didn’t see that coming. Awesome take on the prompt. I imagine his admirers not knowing why they find him attractive. But he did the right thing. Mass producing such a thing would be a bit messy. 😉

  2. I’m happy for Derek. There’s bound to be a trade off in lifespan, but I don’t suppose he is bothered!

  3. Ahhhh secret formula in a small vial? Interesting.😉

  4. In which direction did he go? 😀

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