The answer was inside you all along…


‘Don’t you think I’m a little old for quests?’

‘Not if you want to win my heart,’ the fair maiden cooed.

‘But why does the treasure map have so many exes?’

‘Am I not worth the effort?’

‘Of course.’

When he started the endeavour he was as fat as a house, but several weeks of digging later he was svelte, bronzed and, from a certain angle, ruggedly handsome.

‘That’s more like it,’ announced a delighted maiden.

‘But I never found the treasure!’

‘Oh there never was any treasure. I just wanted to make you a little more presentable.’

He sighed. Perhaps she wasn’t the one after all.


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

21 responses to “The answer was inside you all along…

  1. And now, of course, he has more choice

  2. Too much effort for a chance at the girl. I think he is on the right track with his thought process.

  3. Emily

    This was very clever! A lovely take on the prompt :).

  4. Beats kissing a frog any day. And you get your garden turned over. 🙂

  5. She’s not his type- He realized this after such a lot of hard-work!
    Plan of the maiden to reduce his weight worked, but she ended up losing him…
    True Treasure – Anita

  6. He could always join a gym.

  7. I like her style. And she’s keeping him healthy.

  8. As they say, a man wants a woman to stay the same forever, a woman always wants to change a man. Good story, no happy ending.

  9. Clever story. I really like it and the fact he walked away. Well Done, Martin.
    Best wishes,

  10. What a b….
    Now HE has the pick of the litter…

  11. Totally not the one! What a baggage. Fun tale Martin

  12. I like this very much. She had a good idea but apparently, it back-fired on her.

  13. I just wonder if it works… maybe she should have had a real treasure in the end… (she wasn’t good enough)

  14. Nicely constructed, Martin, with the double twist. A wry little tale!

  15. Mike

    Interesting, now I know why the wife is always at me to dig the garden.

  16. He shaped up, but she couldn’t get him!

  17. Oh, good one! Talk about ulterior motives.

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