Victoria Falls…


None of Victor’s kids wished to be saddled with the property – grim, prone to subsidence and perpetual reminder of a mirth-free childhood. Let it be forgotten with the old tyrant.

But alas, the last will and testament was clear, as were the sizeable debts that had been left behind.

Victor’s kids were besides themselves…

…Until they realised the log-flume potential.

They delayed the funeral for a year (no one would’ve come anyway) and, shortly before the grand opening, retrieved their father from his frosty limbo, placed him in the front seat and gave him a send off worthy of marvel…


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


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15 responses to “Victoria Falls…

  1. Very fitting tribute. 🙂

  2. Guess they never let the others know who took the first ride!

  3. It could catch on – I reckon there’s no shortage of people “dying” to board that particular bus.

  4. Freeze a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny!

  5. One always hopes for a bit of a nest egg and not a mountain of debt in these situations and you conveyed that despair and kick in the teeth well. I didn’t know what a log-flume was and Googled it. Sounds like a great way to send Dad off.
    Best wishes,

  6. Ha! A fitting send off for a miserable old devil. Love that imaginative funeral idea too. Nicely done Martin

  7. Holy Smokes! No love lost in this family.

  8. Seems like he got the send-off he deserved!

  9. What an ingenious take on the prompt!

  10. Loved the story! A different take on the prompt from almost all of the others!! Well done!

  11. Brilliant, serves the old sod right! 😱

  12. What’s a year or so when you have a big freezer. This is great – the father was a monster. Well done!

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