Philandering 101…


“Always check into a hotel with a light fitting strong enough to swing off. Ensure that the windows are sufficiently thin that, in the unlikely event of running at full sprint from an angry husband, you can penetrate said pane whilst remaining conscious. Never higher than the first floor, and always with bushes below to deaden the fall where your car keys await wrapped in a towel to protect your modesty as you make good your escape.”

“And presumably: Not being tricked into meeting the aforementioned husband in a secluded setting would be near the top of the list?”


100 Words

Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

18 responses to “Philandering 101…

  1. Ha ha – like your take on the photo prompt. Nicely done!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  2. I sure hope whoever his partner in crime was made it worthwhile for him to risk all that!

  3. Something tells me this meeting was an “oops.”

  4. I think you covered all aspects of the prompt with this. Good one! made me smile at the end.

  5. Philandering For Dummies is also a good read.

  6. Jelli

    Great one! Love Iain’s comment.

  7. Teehee! He could always try continence? Or perhaps the risk is half the fun? Entertaining tale, entertainingly written. Nice one!

  8. Hah! Guess, if you are going to make a habit of partaking of this type of activity, you should scope out all the angles…

  9. Sounds like a rousing good time, I wonder how the sex is at this “no tell motel”.

  10. Aha! Been doing your homework have you 💜

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha. Pearls of wisdom indeed.

  12. There must be an easier/safer way to earn a living!

  13. Planning ahead is ALWAYS a good idea.

  14. Sounds like an analyst. Hope he has a flowchart. Nicely done

  15. Great advice – how about having a spare set of clothes in the parking lot. Fun read.

  16. Important to do a proper risk assessment these days

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