Bloke Depot…


‘Bloke Depot. How may we assist?’

‘Hello, this is Henry…my wife dropped me off with you a few hours ago whilst she did the weekly shop and hasn’t come back…yes again…because it’s getting dark, I’m scared and I don’t know where I live.’


(234 Characters)

Written for: Twittering Tales


Filed under Flash fiction

5 responses to “Bloke Depot…

  1. Oh! That’s a brilliant take!😱

  2. Poor fellow. He’s in a sorry fix. Good take on the prompt Martin! 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha, that’s such a brilliantly unique take. Loved it.

  4. Oh dear ! Poor man, like the way your story leaves the possibilities just hanging there…why is he like that…what kind of wife is she ??? Well crafted.

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