From the outset it was made abundantly clear that I was considered a poor choice of husband – never more so than at our engagement party: the remotest corner of their extensive grounds, the cheapest furniture, the second best china. I bore their sophisticated scorn with good grace, safe in the knowledge that, whilst not particularly dashing, I was pulling off a daring rescue mission, right under their very noses.

Despite malice, subterfuge and excommunication the inheritance nevertheless found its way into our hands. That we never wanted it would no doubt have doubly offended.

They are empty chairs now, inward facing, silent.


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

26 responses to “Chattering…

  1. A lovely sense of atmosphere

  2. They are empty chairs now, inward facing, silent. Haunting last lines.

  3. You can’t take it with you.

  4. Intriguing little tale, so much between the lines.

  5. Especially good last line. Nicely done.

  6. The best spy is the one you’d never expect.

  7. Oh, please—was the bride being rescued? Someone else? Come on, I need more!

  8. A fine tale Martin. A pity we can’t witness the offence in such circumstances!

  9. A great reminder at the end of being inward facing and not extending ourselves beyond our own, whatever that represents. It rang bells with where I grew up and all that stuff, really grates on me these days. I exited stage left and haven’t looked back. Like them by the looks of it.
    Well done!
    xx Rowena

  10. What a clash of values you describe! I love the way it was the emptiness of the chairs that inspired you.

  11. Inspirational take on the prompt. Likening in the haughty, disapproving relatives to the empty chairs was excellent.

  12. Dale

    Very well done, Martin. I don’t want to sound redundant… so see other comments 😉

  13. Ooh, this is really good Martin. Love the air of disdain your MC faced with grim determination and the purest of revenge by the end. Inheritance given and your character one of the last standing. Great

  14. I never would’ve guessed how it would end from the beginning!

  15. Well done. I want to know what rescue missing? Engaging.

  16. From such company I think you need rescuing… If nothing else there seem to be the risk of inbreeding.

  17. Ohhh! If the money wasn’t wanted, why did they get it and what was it ultimately used for? Interesting.

  18. michael1148humphris

    I would echo many of the other comments, I found this story enjoyable and interesting..

  19. Excellent last line, loved it.

  20. Very curious as to why it was a rescue mission, feeling as if it were to receive the inheritance, and yet it was unwanted. I like the last line, not keen on the phrasing, but that may be an English/American thing.

  21. There was so much said in so few words! Awesome piece

  22. There is something quite haunting about those last lines but can’t quite understand it. I’m spooked nonetheless. I loved your take on the prompt 🙂

  23. Sarah Ann

    Nicely done and so full of anger. It would have been nice to know the couple lived a happy life despite the family’s objections.

  24. Very in-depth comment of empty lives.
    Your last line reminds me of the poem Ozymandias!

  25. A lovely subtle story, says so much about family feuds and manipulation. Well done.

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