Cruising for burgers…


The way I understand it: The creatures get onto vessels so that they can view me in my natural habitat. They have some reverence for yours truly, no small amount of fear and (might I be so bold), a little awe.

Theirs is a strange existence. They cover their bodies in fabric, move about on a two dimensional plain and have seemingly restricted themselves to the smallest bit of the planet.

Disproportionately loud.

Not particularly tasty.

Far inferior to the blubbery, bewhiskered rodents that serve themselves up for lunch on a daily basis, but then in ever food-chain there are apex predators and there are light snacks…


Written for: Friday fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

13 responses to “Cruising for burgers…

  1. From that point of view the hotel becomes more of a buffet-style restaurant.

  2. I always like a good story describing humans as seen by other creatures! You put a smile on my face with this one, Martin!

  3. While just a bit creepy, this is also quite funny. Not an easy thing to pull off 🙂

  4. Ha! I like your take on humanity as a ‘light snack’ – funny and fun. Nice one Martin

  5. The only hope is that you are less tasty… reminds of polar bears who avoid humans if there are better food available…

  6. Great take! Maybe his mistake is picking the noisy ones. Introverts might have more satisfying fillings (empty vessels make the most noise and all that).

  7. I love how you dish this up so analytically, but with a dose of humor. So well done.

  8. Eeeeeeeeek! I often wondered if the animals in a zoo or aquarium or elsewhere think of us the way we do them. I guess they do!

  9. Shark considering a human treat? Interesting POV 😊

  10. An entertaining and enjoyable read

  11. Interesting take on the prompt. I hope the boat does not go out at feeding time

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