Lovely day for a beheading…


Reginald was strangely blasé about the whole thing.

Occupational hazard of being part of the landed gentry, I guess!

He’d had a good run of it, taxing the hell out of his serfs and romping in the haystacks with an array of morally elastic wenches. So what if his coiffured head was shortly to be separated from his velvet covered body?

He was led to a field awash with spent chopping blocks and the discarded cadavers of his extended family.

‘Looks like you won’t be getting those 30 guineas I owe you uncle Francis!’ Reginald gave the executioner a wink. ‘Man, I’m tired of winning!’


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

19 responses to “Lovely day for a beheading…

  1. At least revolutions were over with quickly in the olden days…

  2. A case of mistaken identity?

  3. You had me at “morally elastic wenches.” 😀

  4. Was Reginald the head of the family, and why was the story truncated so?

  5. The blackest of black humour!

  6. A man who is tired of winning is tired of life. So it’s just as well. Nicely done.

  7. Dale

    Guess he is totally done with winning now…

  8. Morally elastic. Good line 🙂

  9. Going out with one last win

  10. Well, he does look at the bright side consistently. A life well-lived indeed 🙂

  11. Ah, those morally elastic wenches – great phrase! Nice tone throughout too. If we could all meet the end so relaxed

  12. I’m with James and Lynn, morally elastic wenches is a phrase that will stick with me for a long time. Reggie had a blast right up to the final swing of the axe.

  13. Liked the remark on occupational hazards.

  14. I think that he had accepted his fate… bloodshed with a humorist twist.

  15. Oh, so good! He is definitely an optimist.

  16. I guess Reginald finally received his comeuppence. We all like to believe that a darstardly abuser of power is brought to some kind of justice.
    xx Rowena

  17. “morally elastic wenches” is a winner! At least he appreciated his life in his last moments.

  18. It’s always sunny when it’s bleak… love this!

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