Nemesis Convention…


‘Last year’s Nemesis Convention was held in a heavily fortified hollowed out volcano!’

Des Troyer slammed the door on his cape and cursed.

‘Times are tough my friend,’ Kat Tastrophy replied menacingly.

‘It looked way nicer on the invitation.’

‘Well, that’s what happens when you miss your sales targets three quarters in a row. Successfully dissolve a few more superheroes in acid and we’ll see about holding the next meeting in space.’

‘Oh no, look, Booby-Trap’s car’s parked out front!’

‘That’ll be where the front door went.’

‘God I hate that infernal temptress, always out-blackmailing me…And I never know where to look!’


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

13 responses to “Nemesis Convention…

  1. ‘Booby Trap’ sounds to have similar parking skills to myself. Great take on the prompt.

  2. Great names. I guess if you are a professional Nemesis you need a good name. Hmm, than again, having a bad name might get you farther 😉

  3. A dangerous crowd to be sure.

  4. That’s an ingenious take on the prompt.

  5. Love the names… and missing the sales target. Like those negative bonuses. The whip works better than the carrot. I think the name of the CEO might be Mal Evolent

  6. A convention of crooks, so to say? Great take.

  7. Ha! The tedious reality of being a Super Villain – all targets and arguments over the work’s do. Nice Martin

  8. Dale

    That was so much fun!

  9. Fun and clever! Last year’s Evil Genius Convention was in an abandoned warehouse, if you can believe that.

  10. What fun! Love your character’s names.

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