They grow up so fast…


August 12th – A day that would forever go down in infamy – the day we harnessed the power of children’s adrenaline. It seemed so simple at the time – take them to a fairground, let them become excited, or better still, a little afraid, (painlessly) extract the chemicals from their tiny bodies and convert them into chalky bricks of unbridled combustibility.

The energy crisis was solved over night!

But then came the drawbacks.

The children became bored with their escapades and ceased to produce the desired fight or flight responses, but by then the world’s economy had been built upon their backs, forcing scientists to find new and ingenious ways to stimulate the release of hormones, heightening tolerance, pumping up body mass and creating something wholly other – unwieldy, petulant and indestructible.

If only we’d gone with green energy, or fossil fuels, or even good ole nuclear – anything but this…


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


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20 responses to “They grow up so fast…

  1. A brilliant idea. No wonder you couldn’t contain it to 100 words. 😉

  2. Great story and novel idea. Perhaps you should put it to the powers that be.

  3. Haha! The most creative of ideas are usually the worst

  4. Or even boring old energy efficiency and reduced consumption…
    That’s a very grim tale, Martin

  5. Funfairs as an adult are pretty insufferable as it is, might as well get some sort of return from them.

  6. What a unique twist on this prompt. And very sad. Well done, Martin.

  7. Reminds me a bit of the Pixar movie “Monsters, Inc.”.

  8. A bright idea. Well crafted.

  9. I’m surprised nobody’s thought of this. Imagine how much energy a few school outings could produce!

  10. I think that science can produce amazing results but also giant failures… this would be a great tale to tell from the children’s perspective…

  11. Suddenly I’m thinking of The Dark Crystal and the kids are the Gelflings…

  12. Interesting and definitely unique take on the prompt. 🙄 I’ve so often wanted to harness the energy of children and channel it into myself, but you’re saying it won’t work in the long run?

  13. Moon

    Brilliant story!

  14. Jelli

    How often have we said “I give all that I had for just one ounce of that little angel’s energy”…. You captured that so very well.

  15. Gruesome shades of Matrix there — tapping into the children’s energy in a destructive way, to where they’re not even responding as children anymore. Yeah, really should have gone with wind power instead. (Or me: you could harness my energy when I get to go on fair rides and power at least a few batteries, lol.)

  16. Interesting idea and well done.

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