What little effort it would take to snip the silk strings and banish you from my home – a fleeting act of domesticity.

But what if I leave you be? Let the web reach out and encroach, let the dust reclaim…

Let the phone ring to silence…

…the friends fall away…

…the Career careen off the rails into sidings.

Liquidate and eek out – conventions unbinding.

Unkempt, bedraggled, utterly free.

Not dementia or defeat.

Something other.


The moment passes

A duster makes light work of a spider’s domain.

A fever dream is, once again, held at bay…


Written for: Friday Fictioneers 


Filed under Flash fiction

19 responses to “Filters…

  1. I like the philosophical vein in this

  2. I like the ambiguity of whether the alternative is an attractive proposition or not. At least, it’s ambiguous to me.

  3. And just like that, all back to normality.

  4. You’ve written a very clever and ambiguous story. Not dementia, nor defeat – nor depression. What would it be, I wonder?
    Your story is beautifully paced, slowing down the pace of our thoughts, then back to normal for the finale. Very nicely done!

  5. Jelli

    Like the flow of this one… very deep and beautiful.

  6. The temptation to give up and let everything go to pot has been overcome yet again. There are times we can definitely identify with the narrator.😣

  7. I like the spin on this Martin, that introverted thinking, the kind of what if that fleets through our minds daily. Great stuff

  8. Great story. A life choice and which road to take. I like how you say “not dementia or defeat, something other.”

  9. michael1148humphris

    A very nicely put together study.

  10. It appears the spider had you chasing thoughts. It is such an unsettling thing at times to have your mind go in an unexpected direction as a result of something so mundane.

  11. I love how you use the spider as a symbol for the idea of cutting off from the regular world, just snipping those cords and becoming your own person alone, a rebelious hermit, outside those strictures. I’ve felt that urge myself!

  12. A spider would be scooped up by my vacuum since I’m terrified of them, but the point you made is real. Now other insects, moths, crickets, etc that wander in, do not bother me at all. A very interesting post.

  13. The inner workings of an aging mind.This is powerful, and imaginative.

  14. But what did you do with the spider? They are very mysterious creatures. Mess with them at your peril.

  15. Dale

    Don’t you just love when your story causes people to ask questions? Well done, Martin.

  16. Love this. Poetry, philosophy, and world destruction all in one. 🙂

  17. I think sometimes we should let go a bit… leaving the web would not change the world for you… but it might set the priorities…like remembering to watch the sky sometimes.

  18. I really liked reading this and the sense of connect I felt with it.

  19. Like your gentle meditation on letting go, letting dreams slip in between the spaces. Good story.

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