Pipe-Dream My Ass…


Tragedy struck today at The Science Expo. This photo captured the terrifying moment when Dr. Karen Roe, inventor of an invisibility serum, sat down on Hal Froom, founder of Shrinkray.com. A publicist for the famously roguish womaniser stated ‘It’s the way he would’ve wanted to go.’


Written for: Twittering Tales


Filed under Flash fiction

5 responses to “Pipe-Dream My Ass…

  1. WIsh there was a laugh button!

  2. OMG! Brilliant! You outdid yourself this week Martin! 😀

  3. Martin Cororan

    No please – too much! And thanks…

  4. Fantastic! You have the greatest way with imaginative humor. Loved it.

  5. Its fun to read of a satisfied person….good one Martin.

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