Insect Overlords…


George emerged from his cell with a skip in his step.

‘Proboscis Saturday!’

All the S’s.


So much better than ‘Compound Eye Wednesday‘ – No alliteration there.

Sure, he’d have to listen to Gary banging on about how he used to be a hedge-fund manager, but the work was easy and he could let his mind wander, such as it was.

The apocalypse had been a positive boon to the intellectually challenged – an affirming experience – the great leveller.

And as for those with a proclivity for submissive activities…well!

George scrubbed away with a big fat smile on his silly ole face.

Gary mumbled something impenetrable about investing in derivatives…


Written for: Friday Fictioneers 


Filed under Flash fiction

16 responses to “Insect Overlords…

  1. An inventive take on the prompt

  2. Very clever take on the prompt.

  3. Something else those nets would be good for!

  4. michael1148humphris

    Sounds like they live in challenging time. Inventive story, I enjoyed it.

  5. We’re going to need a bigger can of RAID.

  6. At least they survived the apocalypse I guess…

  7. Great story, as ever!☺️

  8. What an excellent story! You give us a thought-provoking idea, two believable characters, and fluent dialogue. Nice one!

  9. Somehow I do not think that only the fittest for survival are those left after an apocalypse.

  10. It can be hard to let go of your old life after an apocalypse, especially if you were a “big shot”. We both saw something similar this week!

  11. Ha! Love the idea of Proboscis Saturday – very good. Nice one Martin

  12. So the insects finally rebelled and took over! Of course they did. Anyone with an insect-like proboscis will surely understand 🙂

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