Donde es Wally?


Down broken back-roads and over hostile territory the journalist journeyed, till finally he arrived at a one-horse town and a nameless bar. There he encountered a sunken-eyed, bearded vagabond.

‘I knew someone would find me eventually,’ the vagabond growled.

‘I’ve come a long way to hear your story.’

‘Mine is a tale of hardship and woe. Have you any idea what it’s like to endure the indignity of being constantly pointed out in a crowd, no anonymity, the butt of every joke and sarcastic aside – forcing you at last into exile?’

‘Why didn’t you just take off the stripy top and stop wearing that bobble hat?’


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

18 responses to “Donde es Wally?

  1. Haha! Nicely done. Wally está aquí 😀

  2. I never thought of the persecution Wally must feel, always being hunted. A heartfelt tragedy.

  3. There are penances that must be served for wearing such attire. He should deal with it.

  4. Dear Martin,

    Good twist on an ongoing search. Fun stuff.



  5. I recognize him! He’s called Charlie here.

  6. Great little tale! You have to feel sorry for Wally

    Click to read my FriFic!

  7. Poor Wally… reminds of a certain wizard with a scar… there is a blessing in anonymity

  8. Jelli

    Oh, giggles aplenty. I love it! Poor ole’ Wally, though.

  9. Dale

    Ha ha! That was so funny! Great catch on the “Waldo-style” hat!!

  10. Heehee! Wally encontrado!!

  11. Haha! That’s great, Martin. Really good fun

  12. Hahahaha I laughed out loud with this one. Well done great story!

  13. Delightful tale. I brought a smile to my face.

  14. Where is Wally was a great standby for entertaining my kids. I never stopped to think of the psychological damage I might inflict! Great fun story, Martin.

  15. Love your story – very funny. Love the lean prose.

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