Friday Fictioneers: Revenge Runs Deep…


It wasn’t enough that, after decades of cruelties and recriminations, he’d finally triumphed over his bitter enemy. The fertilised fruits of loss and shame required that his hatred rage on into victory.

And so, in the winter years of his life, he conceived of an idea that would keep the fires burning beyond any mortal tenure – A whispered rumour in the ear of his one remaining heir…

“…Carve an effigy of my nemesis, brought low in chains, and have it placed in a deep recess. Have children run to it on a dare, striking it with harmless cane so that, slowly and imperceptibly, through loss of both form and name, it no longer resembles a man…”


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

33 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Revenge Runs Deep…

  1. There’s a real nastiness pervading this very short piece. Good stuff.

  2. The origins of deep hatred usually, lie in a previous subjugation and sense of helplessness. All effigy burning is symbolic, but highlights the helplessness, and inability of the victims to harm the real person.

  3. I really enjoyed that story. What a b*****d, eh? Extreme behaviour is always interesting.

  4. Dear Martin,

    You took hatred and revenge to new heights. Nicely done.



  5. The hatred is palpable – well written.

  6. Love it, a particularly cruel and unusual torture, but he will die happy knowing he had the last laugh.

  7. Mishapen and ill-formed the themes of anger and revenge lend this story a perfect form. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  8. This guy is proof that a bitter heart devours its owner. Well written, although being late at night, it took a few reading for me to get it.
    xx Rowena

  9. Agree with Rowena. You’ve drawn a great picture of fury and obsession.

  10. He has a real need to nurse his bitterness.

  11. gahlearner

    Whoa, that is some revenge. Wonderful writing, too. And still, the stone will probably still be there, a mystery for children, when the victor is long forgotten.

  12. Great portrayal of how bitter and nasty revenge can be, and how it can twist someone into extreme ends.

  13. Oh my. Generational bitterness. Great take.

  14. Dale

    You take hate and loathing to a whole new level… that guy must be miserable…

  15. That is a pretty mean piece of writing Martin.

  16. This is great, nasty but great.

  17. michael1148humphris

    Great take on the prompt picture, loved the creativity of this story

  18. Gosh, you are really good!

  19. Oooh! That is darkest dark!

  20. the enemy has been vanquished. perhaps it’s time to bury the hatchet.

  21. Having read a gamut of these stories now, this is my favourite. I thought I should just let you know. Read a few aloud to my wife, and she agrees with me.

  22. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Wow, this was a masterfully written piece. Such beautiful use of words.

  23. A stark dark beautifully woven portrait of man at his worst. Well written, Martin.

  24. That is just evil! Well written to such an extent – it makes me dislike the character. 🙂

  25. This reminds me a bit of that Edgar Allen Poe piece – the Cask of Amontillado – a thousand injuries, but we never know specifics – just that he can’t wait to seal him up in stone.

  26. Daaaaaang. Man got a lotta hate. Well done!

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