Friday Fictioneers: Co-habitation


Every Wednesday, regular as clockwise, she received a bouquet – always from a different vendor, always paid for in cash. The accompanying notes were invariably clipped and enigmatic: ‘Soon,’ ‘Barely contained,’ and ‘Bursting with love.’

The radiant glow of a secret admirer quickly ascended through alarm and then angst as the messages morphed into possessive missives: ‘Claim you,’ ‘No one else but me,’ and ‘Destiny will not be denied.’

Nothing tied her to the shabby apartment. She made the decision to move out of harm’s way.

A few days later her possessions were stacked neatly in labelled boxes.

She froze.

Next to the boxes – a bouquet and a note: ‘I took the liberty…’


Written for: Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

29 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Co-habitation

  1. Creepy. She can run but she can’t hide it seems.

  2. gahlearner

    That is so creepy! Very chilling.

  3. Bloody brilliant! Loved this one.

  4. Moon

    I wonder if she is able to finally escape to a safe place. Great story!

  5. Dear Martin,

    That’s quite high on the creepy scale. Well done.



  6. This guy’s gonna be hard to shake off! Funny how this lovely, innocent scene brought out the stalker in a couple of writers today … Nice tale Martin

  7. Oh shit! That is very creepy.

  8. Uh-oh! I liked how it went from a ‘could-be budding romance’ to ‘downright creepy’!

  9. Jelli

    Oh, now that is scary. Creep out! Freaky!

  10. Chilling! I’d hate to be in that position. Well written and all-too-believable.

  11. Dale

    I got the shivers… and not the good kind!
    Movie-type description… Halle Berry the recipient! 😉

  12. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Oh that is so creepy. Nicely written. You built the tension beautifully and left us wondering at the end.

  13. Aaaaaggggh! Run, run, run!

  14. Wow! What a buildup and ending! Very chilling! A girl’s worst nightmare.

  15. I was hooked to this story. Brilliant Martin. Almost similar to what i wrote.

  16. Oh, Lord. I know this is supposed to be creepy, but I find it kind of hot. 🙂

    ‘Soon,’ ‘Barely contained,’ and ‘Bursting with love.’

    I would just die … in kind of a good way. 😛

  17. That’s enough to make your skin crawl. Well done.

  18. Oh yes, got me, right at the end, well suckered. Great little story.

  19. I know this says something about me, not quite sure what, but I chuckled at that last bit: I took the liberty. He’s either done this a lot and knows what’s next or he reads her mind.
    Very clever.

  20. Well, that sent shivers down my spine. Excellent stuff.

  21. That was amazing! Very well written. :o)

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