Henpecked Incorporated…


With Faithful Jenny deliberately scuttled there was no going back. The rip-tides in the bay were well renowned, and the lack of a body would be easily explainable.

He outstretched his arms and let go of everything – his materialistic trophy wife, the kids who hated him, the stock portfolio, the endless competing with other alphas – all expelled in a single glorious belch of freedom.

Hidden behind a rocky outcrop he encountered two other men – one standing in the mangled wreckage of a hang glider, the other kneeling by a bloated cadaver. He greeted them with nervous exhilaration and gave a false name as he’d been instructed. They reciprocated.

‘The likeness is uncanny,’ he commented, gesturing towards the cadaver.

”I paid extra. It’s a little macabre stealing from a morgue, but it’s not like anyone was murdered!’

A speedboat was moored at the tip of the archipelago. With a fair wind they’d be in Gibraltar by morning where a vagabond utopia awaited…


164 Words

Written for: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers


Filed under Flash fiction

18 responses to “Henpecked Incorporated…

  1. Thats one way to drop out – and a interesting take on the prompt

  2. Hahaha! I loved this Martin! Well written and great spin on the prompt!

  3. A little macabre indeed this clever story

  4. I loved the story and also the title. So that’s how they escape.

  5. Ewww!! great take on the prompt..this is how you dispose off.

  6. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Great take.

  7. Such a creative twist on the prompt. Well done!

  8. my goodness! i wish him fair winds and following seas. Nicely done…

  9. sasha

    Fun twist on the prompt! I like how you never spell out what the plan is, but it’s all very clear. Nice work!

  10. I hope he had a new identity prepared. I enjoyed this as always.

    • but I do have to add, was this long before DNA testing? And what about the teeth? (better hope the body wasn’t already embalmed) Just thinking, they would quickly discover and then that person would be on the lam for attempting to fake own death? That could turn into a great story!

  11. Reminded me of a John Grisham story in which a lawyer fakes his own death to escape his miserable life. Well written, Martin. Loved this one. Cheers, Varad

  12. If the likeness is that uncanny and the circumstantial evidence so clear, maybe they’ll skip the DNA testing, and he’ll be in the clear and free with his new identity. Run, run! Although I have to wonder if getting away will change much, for long, at least — the common thread to all those horrible things in his life seems to be that he chose or created them.

  13. Ah, escape from a binding life. Well done.

  14. Unexpected and creates interest to know more. Did he get away scot free?

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