Henry’s Smoking Hot Octogenarian Wife #Writephoto


Everyone knew she was naked inside that coffin – the mourners, the pall-bearers, the altar boys – everyone. She’d not exactly been backwards in coming forwards, and her final wishes had spread through the community like wildfire.

Henry’s eulogy was a masterclass in widower’s grief, but as he took to the pulpit he could tell that the congregation paid his words no mind. Either through lust or envy, they were all thinking about those big ole boobs.

‘Though we didn’t meet till later life…’

…He stole a glance at a man in the second row – Ron –  a Vietnam veteran whose thousand yard stare drifted towards a tree-line filled with an orgy of insurgents. He and Henry’s wife had been lovers during the 70’s and tales of their debauchery were the stuff of legend.

‘…We crammed an eternity into those few short months…’

Manny and Tony in the fourth row – the instigators of an epic menage-a-trois if stories were to be believed.

‘And though she had…a number of partners…before I was blessed to…’

At the back of the church an overly made up wreck in a leopard-print dress guffawed and warmed herself with the memories of a long distant kinky phase.

‘…I consider myself her soul mate.’

A conveyor belt whirred, the wooden tube penetrated a velvet curtain and the congregation stiffened somewhat.

Afterwards the priest solemnly presented Henry with an urn, turned to leave and, presumably thinking he was out of earshot, murmured: ‘What a piece of ash!’


Written for: #WritePhoto


Filed under Flash fiction, short story

10 responses to “Henry’s Smoking Hot Octogenarian Wife #Writephoto

  1. You simply excelled with this story, Martin. A piece of ash, i bet.

  2. You are so clever! And I mentioned before…you force me to brush up on vocabulary words. I had to google Octogenarian – and your title is hilarious.

    Seriously, how is it that others have not happened on your site and commenting like mad? I’ll enjoy it before I have to soon scroll a million miles down to place my comment – you’ll soon be discovered.

    thanks for the fun! This is what makes blogging worth-while for me. (My husband doesn’t understand how I can spend hours in this world)

    • Martin Cororan

      Thank you – It’s takes time to build a meaningful following, and I’m a little haphazard with the marketing!

      • You’re more of an artist than a marketer. WordPress is too saturated with marketers anyway! But your site is well-done. It’s not too busy, but a great background and sidebar.

      • Martin Cororan

        That’s good to know, and much appreciated – Feel free to tell all your friends!

      • If you keep popping over to my site and commenting, you’ll start getting them. (be careful what you wish for) – several of them like to banter. Hahaha

  3. Martin Cororan


  4. This was hilarious😁

  5. Loved Henry’s parting shot 😉

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