He took the role reluctantly and with a heavy heart. Events had sliced open a vacancy and duty required that he step to the plate, but such undertakings were not meant for family men. As the mantra bludgeoned:

They come for you via your children. 

So he gathered them together, his little ones, and told them of his quest, and then he kissed them goodbye.

The path was not straight and he become entrenched in subterfuge and recrimination.  Years passed, till one mundane morning he glimpsed his eldest daughter through armoured glass. He prayed she would see the number plate and recognise its significance; follow its clues and find what he had left for her…

Written for: Friday Fictioneers


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28 responses to “Immunity

  1. This was very good. I enjoyed reading it. Cheers

  2. Spy novel, or true story. That’s the question I have to look at when I see this. Well done!

  3. Packs a punch for 100 words! A great read! Will there be more?

  4. This was very good. Lots of subterfuge, taut and crispy. Well written, Martin.

  5. A heavy price to pay for the that he has done. I hope his clues don’t put his daughter in danger. Nice take.

  6. Jelli

    Ooooo, very interesting (said in a fruedian twang). Love the depth of this one, leave a lot of unanswerables…

  7. Intriguing. I wonder where this one is heading. Well done.
    xx Rowena

  8. Loved the intrigue woven into your 100 words. Thanks for a great read.

  9. Love the mystery. This demands a lot more 🙂

  10. gahlearner

    Ooh, very mysterious. I love how you wove the numbers as a clue into the story.

  11. Okay, I’m intrigued. What just happened?

  12. One of the stories that leaves me wanting more. Well written!

  13. You have left us all wondering! A brilliant teaser.

    Click to visit Keith’s Ramblings

  14. michael1148humphris

    Great story, it told the reader so much, but left much much more unsaid.

  15. I love the mystery here. Great story – thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Good mystery – I’m hooked – spill the beans Martin! Nan

  17. Tons of unanswered mysteries. A crave to dig more. Well done! Thank you.

  18. That raises more questions than it answers, for sure. I wonder if the daughter will find all those clues he left her. Twisty stuff, Martin. Nice job

  19. This is wonderful, passionate writing and it sucks the reader in. I want the rest of the story too!

  20. Well, I hope the daughter is a sleuth. I would be clueless. Oh, something is buried in the back yard?

  21. This is very well done. The sense of duty that makes him leave his children. Does she recognize him so that the plate would take her notice?
    Intriguing stuff.

  22. I enjoyed this. Thank you.

  23. It sounds like a dangerous undertaking. This is the type of risk our patriots took to gain our freedom from the crown. Let’s hope she picks up on the clues.

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