Everywhere & Nowhere…


The trees that grow in Perdition have the structure of tortured souls seeking to escape the scorched earth, reaching or hanging ashen like expended husks. They are the product of neglect and malice; of half-remembered dreams – places endured and wandered through in a distressing deja-vu.

I happen upon the clearing again. It is part of my punishment to relive the hollow discovery time and time over. I cannot remember what is it that I did to deserve such terrible retribution, or why the concept of duration should fill me with dread…

I have the suspicion that I have been here forever.

A fire has ravaged my throat and my mind. Blurred corporeal entities vie for attention. Thoughts break apart under scrutiny.

Up ahead – the outline of a figure. How long is it since I conversed with another? Silent words form on my lips and I plunge forward through tearing thorns. Despite my passionate pursuit the figure slips further and further away. I emerge alone in a clearing where hellish limbs claw their way out of the…

Written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Filed under Flash fiction, short story

13 responses to “Everywhere & Nowhere…

  1. I loved this from the very first line. Very Dante-esque!

  2. michael1148humphris

    I also liked this from the first line. This individual must have been very bad to suffer such hellish dreams.

  3. Wow! Very dismal but the photo prompt is very dismal. I kept thinking that this guy is in HELL! Great story, Martin!

  4. What a hellish existence and to have written such powerful lines to convey it.

  5. Definitely getting Dante’s Inferno vibes from your piece! Oddly though, I think of the Seventh Circle – maybe because of the trees you mentioned.

  6. Very powerful description of a soul, who seems to be in hell. Amazing lines! Outstanding!

  7. Bryan Aiello

    Great opening line!

  8. I found the scenery rather grim, too. It’ll be interesting to see how each writer interprets the photo. Well done.

  9. Wow. beautifully written. I echo all the comments already given.

  10. I get the sense the figure he is pursuing is himself and that is why everything is so familiar. Nice job!

  11. A nightmare existence, indeed. I echo the Dante sentiment this calls to mind. Nicely done.

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