Extrapolation (FFfAW)


…This is the guy I was telling you about. He’s here every Thursday, regular as clockwork.

…A decade maybe? Always with the second guitar in a case that he never opens.

…No, he sets it up next to the speaker and stands away from it.

…Mostly call and response songs. He calls and no one responds. You only get one side of the…

…I think her name is (or was) Maggie.

…Because for all his many tunes he always comes back to that name – ‘Maggie Mae’, ‘Maggie’s farm’, ‘Little Maggie.’

…I see her as an Irish tearaway – unmanageable fiery red hair, a checked dress, pale legs, plimsols…

A voice that can find the harmony in any melody. We’ll make a tormented poet of you yet!

…What? And leave her guitar behind? No, I think the clues point towards something more…

…What’s wrong with a little morbid curiosity?

…By just looking at his face. Whoever and wherever she is, he finds her in the music…


(166 words)

Written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Filed under Flash fiction

12 responses to “Extrapolation (FFfAW)

  1. Like it, my first thought was why does he have so much stuff and cases? I have my answer.

  2. Lynn Love

    I thought the same Iain! Thought it might be some kind of psychological safety net. Nicely done Martin

  3. Wonderful story! I would probably be asking the same questions. Sounds like he is in love with a Maggie and his music is seeking her!

  4. Oh, of course. The second guitar is her’s…was her’s.

  5. This is such a different style you wrote in. Liked it!

  6. I really like how you did this piece Martin, excellent way of responding to the image…

  7. A lot many questions that the pix posed gets answered. Nice touching tale, Martin.

  8. The way you structured the piece fits very thematically – it mentioned how he would only call. And here, the entire piece consisted of answers. Love the format, and felt sad for the musician too.

  9. Nice answer for all the gear. I just figured his mates were taking a break. 🙂

  10. This was probably the most unique take on this. It was great.

  11. Martin Cororan

    Thanks Russell – You’re a gent!

  12. I wondered what happened to Maggie? Beautiful and a bit sad too. I enjoyed your perspective.

    Martin, I am leaving a link to my YouTube video in the comments. Thank you for checking it out.

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