The Bad Ole Days…(CRFF 16/03/17)


It was the future and everything was fine – better than fine in fact – damn near perfect. The trains ran on time, war was a memory and grass grew equally green on both sides.

The problem was one of earth-shattering boredom.

Without conflict very little was ever in flux, and without change no one ever needed to react to anything.

If only there was some nightmarish netherworld where ‘stuff’ happened and insidious foes could be resisted.

But such a place could never be. The benevolent overlords who ruled with oppressive politeness wouldn’t allow such a phenomena to flourish…


Written for: Carrot Ranch (99 words on an inverted view of Dystopia).


Also, should you be so inclined – One of my stories I, The Stakes has just been published on ‘The Drabble.’ I thank you…


Filed under Flash fiction

2 responses to “The Bad Ole Days…(CRFF 16/03/17)

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  2. Great take on this Martin, it’s in our heads that ‘stuff’ can always happen and no one can take that from us..

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