100ww: The first rule of Improv Club is…


…that the answer is always ‘YES.’ ‘No,’ closes doors and denies possibilities. The second rule is to build upon the original premise.


Rachel stormed into the theatre. ‘You and Simon are having and affair aren’t you?’

Guilty-as-sin though she was, Jenny’s instinct was to deny it, but rules were rules.


Hesitation caused the chorus line to finish her sentence. ‘…It’s the best sex they’ve ever had,’ whereupon they launching into a twenty-minute song and dance number whilst painting a giant mural on the stage floor depicting Jenny’s infidelity.

‘How do you think I should take my revenge? Torture?’



(100 words).

Written for / Picture by: Bikurgurl


Filed under Flash fiction

8 responses to “100ww: The first rule of Improv Club is…

  1. Ha. I think I would have stepped down from the stage at that point. 🙂

  2. The golden rule wasn’t of improv, always say yes as you never know where it might lead…..I did like this response…

  3. Interesting and intriguing! I wasn’t in the back row for this one.

  4. I love the ‘Improv Club’ — recollections from my days of incessantly watching Fight Club! Spot on 😉 Thank you so much for joining us again this week 🙂

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