Six Word Stories #1

6 Word Story 4

2. Bond battles cadre of illegitimate children…

3. No! Please! Not the laxative helmet…

4. You’re perfect as you are Fatty.

5. Shave it and pretend it’s human.

6 Word Story 3

7. Send help. Genitals strapped to rocket.

8. Kiss me like you weren’t kidnapped.

9. Hideously deformed…but when I dance!

10. Dalek prank calls neighbour. Easily identified.

6 Word Story 1

12. Joke’s on you. I’m a hermaphrodite.

13. Bassoon practice followed by epic wedgie.

14. Gotta find cure for ADHD…DONUTS!

15. Third Reich Bingo. Worst – game – ever!


[The original premise comes from Ernest Hemingway’s famous six-word tale, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”]…


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2 responses to “Six Word Stories #1

  1. These are brilliant. You have a real talent for the craft of the 6-word tale.

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