Friday Fictioneers: Difficult Transition…

yellow-bug-shaktiki© Shaktiki Sharma

Why’s Mary wearing black? And why’s she got out the best china?

And why’s Tony got his arms around her?

Oi! Get your hands off my wife!

Oh yeah, that’s right – no voice – just a rudimentary system of squeaks and clicks.

Bloody reincarnation!

This doesn’t bode well. Just how bad a plumber was I?

Don’t freak out Brian!


She’s right there…

Your soul mate.

Tell her.



She’d squash you with her stiletto.

But maybe not…

Maybe our love transcends…

I’m gonna go for it!


Oh yeah.

Click, click, click, squeak


Written for Friday Fictioneers


Filed under Flash fiction

22 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Difficult Transition…

  1. Love this! Does he blame his reincarnation on his bad plumbing? 🙂

  2. Dale

    So much for that…

  3. Another misunderstood giant insect 🙂

  4. Dear Martin,

    Let this be a lesson to plumbers. Fun take on the prompt. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.



  5. Maybe he’ll have better luck with his next incarnation? Good fun take.

  6. Better luck next birth. Nicely written.

  7. Every now and then a reincarnation doesn’t take… just needs to suck it up and wait for the next one. Welcome Martin. 🙂

  8. I hope he has better luck in his next reincarnation…

  9. Oh dear 😦 Karma in heels can be so cruel! Better luck next time 🙂

  10. A very fun take on the prompt. Too bad he doesn’t have a second chance to keep silent. Or maybe he will if reincarnation has its way. Welcome to our merry band.

  11. Maybe being a grasshopper isn’t a punishment. She might not be his soulmate. Perhaps his real soulmate is hanging out on a bush somewhere. And as an insect, he never has to deal with traffic, taxes or politics, so that’s a plus.

  12. I wonder what he is reborn as – a plumber perhaps? Loved this take on the prompt.

  13. The vows are only good until “death do us part.” Move along, Mr. Grasshopper. 🙂

  14. Very amusing. I love the way he curses reincarnation and although he knows he’ll likely be squashed, he can’t resist calling out to his wife

  15. gahlearner

    That was a short life. I wonder what he’ll be next. Maybe he’ll be rewarded and come back as a toad. She’ll be delighted, I’m sure. What a fun/ny story, I love it.

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