FFfAW: Several Careless Owners


Our next item has an illustrious if chequered history. She (colloquially known as ‘Lorna’) first came to prominence at Alderley Asylum where an austere, ham-fisted matron murdered hymns as an added source of torture towards the inmates. The piano and the property were subsequently sold to an ivory merchant who made some magnificent improvements before losing both in a poker game to the eccentric Count Dalliance.

Lorna was transferred to the bathroom where she resides to this day. Here, the half-crazed count regaled his wife with show-tunes as she bathed (plumply curvaceous as was the style and resplendent in peacock feathers!)

Sadly in later life The Count lost his wife and the remainder of his sanity. With no heirs his estate passed to the government and was reestablished as an asylum.

Lorna was preserved as a mark of respect and has languished unplayed for the better part of forty years, waiting patiently for the right owner to caress her keys once more.

Do I have an opening bid?


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers



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17 responses to “FFfAW: Several Careless Owners

  1. This is an awesome piece of writing.

  2. LOL! Great story! I love your spin to the prompt. Lorna seems to have ended back in an asylum but needs someone that can lovingly play her. Welcome to the FFfAW challenge Martin! We are happy you have joined us!

  3. Well written with a creative take on the prompt. Nicely done.

  4. I loved this take – could almost hear it in the auctioneer’s voice! Which goes on to show how each instrument has their own story.

  5. I don’t play, but I’m tempted to bid (on just the piano) to save the old girl.

  6. MRivers

    I’ve 10 baconed bananas, a shaved shark, and a request for the ham-fisted matron’s digits. Deal?

  7. Nice idea to present the history of the piano this way. Well done.

  8. Nice take on the prompt. I wonder how much it went for?

  9. I’ve murdered many a tune when taking piano lessons as a child. However, Lorna would be placed in good hands should I win the bid. A friend had to divest himself of a multi-moved piano a couple of years ago, and he deserves another to play. He would appreciate Lorna’s history, so wonderfully written and conceived by you.

  10. Creative. A nice take to bring so much history in so short a frame. Clever.

  11. I loved the historical perspective of the piano! Very well written!
    I have also done a piece on this prompt, if you fancy a read.

  12. Great story and well told. I didn’t get that Loren was the piano until the end and that made the story so much better. It was one of the ‘oh, I get it,’ moments. Thanks for sharing.

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