Saturday Mix – Lorraine 04.03.17 – Come down here and say that!


Write a piece of flash fiction 25 to 150 words from the dog’s perspective. What is going on in the little, sad looking pug’s mind?

So, I read on the internet that I was deliberately bred to be this small. Is that supposed to be a joke? Check out Ronald – He fits in a handbag! Did you ever stop to consider that I might want to see over the top of things? A dog’s got dreams you know – aspirations, and yet day after day it’s the same ole shtick with ‘roll over,’ ‘play dead,’ and all that other guff. I’ve a good mind to form a collective, maybe unionise. See how you like being conditioned to catch your own ball or respond to the wrong name (Doug the Pug? – honestly, try using a little imagination).

Now give me the damn cookie and get back to your twitter feed or whatever…

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4 responses to “Saturday Mix – Lorraine 04.03.17 – Come down here and say that!

  1. Wonderful — just what I imagine goes through some those miniature dog minds — this pug included. I like the idea of conditioning humans to catch their own balls.
    I say to the dogs of the world “Unite” and “Strike for your Rights!”
    Thanks for sharing your tale/tail this week.

  2. Martin Cororan

    Thanks – I look forward to taking part again in the future…

  3. Now that’s a pug with attitude, Martin! I think I’d be snippy if someone called me Doug the Pug! Your piece had me grinning this morning.

  4. Martin Cororan

    Cheers Kim – I’ll be sure to check out your work shortly…

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