Flash Fiction…

I’m in the process of touting various manuscripts around literary agents at the moment, but am also entertaining a few quirkier pastimes, one of which is Flash Fiction: the practice of telling a story in approximately 50 words. Here are a few of my efforts…



‘I’m you from the future. Thirty years from now you’ll invent time-travel and prevent nuclear catastrophe.’

‘So, what you’re saying is that I grow up to be a fat, slap-head with horrendous body odour? Screw that, I’m ditching the books and hitting the gym.’



Harry conceived an idea of genuine genius.

‘This will change everything!’

Running to tell the world he tripped, fell and became concussed. He awoke in a hospital with memory loss. A nurse offered him a snack. He’d forgotten the nut allergy. He flailed and banged his head.

‘This will change everything!’


Theatre People

As he began his soliloquy Horatio called to mind Freya’s advice: The best way to overcome your stage fright is to imagine the audience naked.

A woman in the lower-circle had loin-conquering breasts and he was subsequently fired for delivering his pivotal death scene with a monstrous erection.



‘Tonight’s the night. At light’s out we make good our escape. Tommy, have you acquired the guard uniforms?’


‘And Jake – the fake passports?’


‘And Sebastian – Is the tunnel complete?’

‘About that…the solutioning phase went well, but due to scope creep we’ve only just commenced the spade optimisation phase.’




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5 responses to “Flash Fiction…

  1. Ben

    Good job Martin. Love the nut allergy one. I’ve fallen in love with flash fiction over the last month. It’s fun isn’t it?!

  2. You’ve done well with these 50-word pieces! I haven’t tried any less than 100 words yet. The definition of flash fiction is anything between 6 to 1000 words (some people even have 1500 as an upper limit). I tend to write most of my pieces between 150-200 words, so I can develop some kind of story. My daughter, who also has a WP blog, does the ‘Six Line Tales’ challenge. I’ve yet to try that one! Have you tried any of the challenges on WordPress? They’re good for feed back.

    • Martin Cororan

      Thank you – I’ve just seen a couple of the challenges this morning – will put a few offerings forward shortly – Keep up the good work!

  3. Flash is a wonderful way to use some of your blogging time and it really hones your writing skills, helps you pare down the words to what’s important. There are some terrific WP prompts out there using photos, words or even images from Google streetview. Good luck with your flash adventures and thanks for the follow, Martin

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