Three square meals from anarchy

Stuck in frost induced traffic this morning I was reminded of a similar inconvenience some years ago and a conversation / rant that took place between a friend and I:

(Friend) ‘How can this continue to happen in a civilised society? They should introduce some sort of system like they have with cattle whereby, if you’re late for work, you can just shoot the drivers in front of you in their heads with a bolt gun and roll their cars into a ditch.’

‘I believe there is such a system in existence. It’s called ethnic cleansing.’

‘Oh nothing as sinister as that. It would need the right person at the top. A level headed….middle class…man (obviously) to act as a benevolent tsar.’

‘Benevolently overseeing the execution of fellow motorists?’


‘And would this person be you?’

‘I can see that we’re on the same page.’

I should have said ‘cattle are very rarely late for work,’ but then killer rebuttals hardly ever come to you at the right moment.

Back in the present I turned off the engine, turned on my laptop and started proof reading. In the next few weeks I’m going to publish on the site I will then have versions of ‘The Melting Pot’ in e-pub, i-phone and pdf (in addition to the already published kindle version).

Smashwords looks like a good avenue for readership.  A large proportion of their best sellers appear to be erotic fiction, thus exposing me (bad choice of words) to the heavily mined and lucrative trouser-less single male market.

I’ve also added some sharing buttons below each post of this blog (Facebook ‘like’, Linked In and co), so if you appreciate my utterances please share them. I thank you…

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