How DARE you sir!

As part of a conversation in which halchofrol was involved I agreed to spend a day pretending to be a perpetually aggrieved aristocrat. Money would be changing hands on completion of said venture, and so a handshake was required. I was about to make bodily contact with the equally inebriated fellow when I realised that it was a trap. Why on earth would someone as important as me converse with such a lowly oik?

I withdraw my finely manicured digits, slapped him about the face and called him ‘an impertinent blaggard.’

‘This should be un piece de gateaux,’ I mused with a much deserved sense of superiority.

Anyway, where the hell have I been for the last two and a half years? Not pursuing this passion, that’s where. No matter. Let’s get back to it.

Last week ‘The Melting Pot’ was published on Amazon’s Kindle. ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’ is an extraordinary opportunity that allows a writer to be ignored by everyone in the entire world where previously they were merely shunned by their country of origin!

In truth it’s brilliant. My book is now available to millions of people for less than one pound / dollar / euro, for one click and with sample chapters viewable. Check it out at both and…


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