My job brings me into contact with a lot of salesmen – mostly trying to flog more contractors to the project I’m running. This last week it has gone into hyper drive – seeming as though everyone around me is running some sort of scam. Various examples include:

  • Several home phone calls from women with Eastern European accents who informed me that me and my wife (!) had won an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris for a Feng-Shui convention, and that all we had to do was come to a two hour presentation on time-share properties.
  • Two men spent four days standing in the middle of Waterloo station dressed in yellow and pink spandex costumes and capes – all claiming to be ‘DHL man’ and advertising their express postage service.
  • However, the best by far was executed by a tramp who walked up to the check-out in Sainsburys, fished some sausages out of a plastic bag and said ‘My wife came in earlier and bought these by mistake. She meant to buy a bottle of whisky. Can I swap them?’

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