A blackened mind laid bare…

…Back in June when I first started touting my wares I joined a large number of online writing forums. Only now have they begun to pay dividends (if by dividend you mean being bombarded with early morning e-mails from insomniac scribes tinged with lunacy).

We in the amateur writing community are encouraged to send our literary efforts out into the ether in order to gain constructive feedback. In the last seven days I have received the following stories:

  • ‘The first time I killed a man’ – a gory account of bludgeoning a maths teacher to death
  • ‘Fear’ – the tale of a boy who wakes to find he has turned into a duvet.
  • ‘Untitled’ – a man shaves his balls in preparation for a date who subsequently doesn’t turn up.

I replied to the latter one with ‘You have scarred me psychologically…in a good way,’ and am considering posting a story called ‘Where I buried the ex-wife.’




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3 responses to “A blackened mind laid bare…

  1. The guy who wrote to story about shaving his nuts couldn’t even come up with a title!

    What kind of a writer is he?

    Plus if he’d done ANY research he would know that hair removal cream is far more effective than the inaccurate and frankly slapdash approach of shaving.

    Personally I recommend Veet, but have some Sudacreme on hand in case they start to burn.

  2. And thank you for making me laugh again. Is your novel this funny?

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