Echoes of Richard…

…Madeley that is. Several months ago I tried to get The Richard & Judy Book Club to review The Melting Pot. My efforts were met with general hostility / disinterest from the forum’s administrator.

I was out at the 31st birthday bash of a journalist on Saturday and was introduced to a features reporter from the Daily Express. My good friend Matt was bigging-me-up writing-wise and telling her about my various pursuits. At some point Mr. Madely came up in conversation:

‘I’ve got Richard’s phone number,’ she said as a throw-away comment.

We were naturally doubtful of this claim and said as much. She reponded by showing us a text message between them – a luvvy-style exchange along the lines of ciao and Bobo.

‘I’ve also got Sally Gunnell,’ she added proudly.

Surely this is providence I told myself. The celestial chorus were silenced when she realised I was attempting to get my mojito-addled brain to memorise the number and snatched the phone away.

‘Send me your book and I’ll see if it’s worth forwarding on…’

I shall.

Whilst we’re on the subject – check this out – genius:

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