There’s no such thing as bad publicity…

I beg to differ. After some great reviews (thanks) come the criticisms.

It’s probably not the best marketing strategy in the world to draw attention to people who don’t like my work, but I am left more perplexed and amused than offended. (Genuinely) one reader wrote ‘Dear Martin – I don’t like books set in other countries, and therefore don’t like yours.’ Another commented ‘I mistakenly bought this thinking it was a cookery book. I was left very disappointed.’

I can only offer my heartfelt apologies.

To add to this I’ve spent the last fortnight being savaged online by some unsavoury characters. Most writing forums have a rule against ‘flaming’ (posting bullying / offensive statements). However all bets appear to be off when someone is pitching their own work (i.e me!) With this in mind I’ve decided to abandon that approach and turn my attention to Facebook applications like iRead – under the assumption that it’s far better getting a recommendation from anyone other than the actual writer…


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