Scary, Baby, Pouty, Minky and Moo

At the eleventh hour last night corporate seats for the Spice Girls gig became available. A flurry of phone-calls and a mad-dash to the O2 saw four of us singing ‘Spice up your life,’ like there were guns pressed against our foreheads – surrounded by free food and booze, screaming teenagers and oddly out of place thirty-somethings (us).

Earlier in the day I was reading on article on ‘The Slush Pile’ – a name given to the mountain of unsolicited manuscripts received every day by publishers. There were a few fairy-tale anecdotes about how people had been discovered amongst the detritus, but mostly it was about the futility of it all and how the vast majority fail and give up.


Strangely not. In fact, although I’m not 100% certain, I may never try to gain a publisher’s interest again, but not out of despair, more out of a growing desire to do it myself. Each week a handful of complete strangers buy the book on-line. In a small but very real way The Melting Pot is getting out there – It’s exciting stuff!

Ironically, I did have interest recently from a couple of small publishers. However, despite believing the reviews and liking the finished product they were both discouraged by not having much value to add i.e. I’d already got the cover design, typeset text etc. They would effectively be adding a marketing budget and a bigger print-run…and so declined.

All things point to going it alone!

…Back on the Spice Girls (so to speak), it was highly amusing watching a bunch of middle-aged women shouting ‘Girl Power.’ We also accountered the phenomenon that is applauding whenever Posh sings a solo (a rare occurence).


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