‘Richard and Judy found beaten to death with book-shaped club…’

…is just one of the many key-words/phrases I shall be using from now on in the hope of increasing my hit-rate. Others include ‘Dwarf-tossing,’ ‘Nigella Lawson,’ ‘Pope,’ and ‘Hermione Granger.’


1. Having recently finished harrassing my work colleagues to within an inch of their lives, I decided to get another job / meet new readers – A fairly drastic marketing technique given that it now entails commuting 40 miles each way, but then most early sales come from direct contact*

2. I’ve entered some short-story competitions with three pieces – ‘Black is the new white,’ ‘Pragmatism,’ and ‘The one true religion.’

3. Been begging other bloggers to add me to their links.

4. Watched back-to-back episodes of ‘Family guy’ whilst eating too much**

*Not sole reason for getting new job.



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