I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy…

This week: Social marketing i.e. frequent trips to the pub – A great opportunity to reach new readers and [INSERT FURTHER FLIMSY ARGUEMENT HERE]. …The biggest of which was my own leaving do. Rather than the traditional card, some colleagues had cribbed a copy of The Melting Pot and signed various pages. While most were complimentary, one particularly callous individual, (ugly, incontinent villain in next book), signed the last page with ‘None of us will now buy this as we know the ending.’ Another wrote ‘Wow, underneath all that sarcasm you’ve actually got some talent!’ At the end of the evening my incredibly inebriated (ex) boss came up to me and started quoting huge swathes of the book in detail. Questioning him as to how he could know any of this without having purchased a copy, he replied that he’d nicked one temporarily. I couldn’t complain however as he’d more than made up for it in beers and mojitos. On a more active note: – The take-up from reading groups who want to receive a free copy is roughly 1 out of every 7 contacted. From there most have said that (if they like it) they will order between 8 and 12 copies, depending on group size. The main reason for declining (besides non-response) is budgetary constraint i.e. couldn’t afford to buy from an unknown author even if they did like it – which is a shame, but fair enough. Meanwhile – commuting to London has somewhat curtailed my socializing…


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