Getting noticed…

The Melting Pot cover…Not easy in this day and age. My idea was to douse myself in petrol and run naked onto the set of Richard and Judy, screaming obscenities with a copy of The Melting Pot squeezed between my buttocks…but in hindsight this would have been folly…far better to write a blog…To explain:I’m trying to become a writer. Like many others I’ve spent several years honing my craft whilst collecting amusing rejection letters from literary agents – The best of which read ‘Dear Martin re: your book. Not interested. However, if you’d like to buy my book on how to better market your work please send me a cheque for £15.’

Finally realising what I was up against I decided to finance the book myself and got it edited, typeset, designed and printed, (an experience I thoroughly recommend to any other non-published hopefuls although bloody hard work). As it stands today the book’s available on-line at Amazon, and is gradually getting into branches of Waterstones.

Sold my first 100 last week, thanks largely to friends and family, but now begins the real challenge – How to reach a wider audience without the backing of a publishing house (?) This blog chronicles my various non-life-threatening attempts to publicise The Melting Pot.



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2 responses to “Getting noticed…

  1. 8 years and a bit later…………I noticed you!

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